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Sunday, February 7th 2010

8:24 PM

A wonderful girl named Julia does something very special for Painted Rock Animal Sanctuary!

Meet Julia Lowther, this special little girl has a very big heart. On Friday Julia celebrated her 8th birthday.  Julia decided that for her birthday she wanted to have a skating party for her and her friends. Instead of her friends bringing  birthday gifts for her, she asked her friends to bring items for the animals here at Painted Rock. What a wonderful and kind thing for her to do.

Julia and "Flat Stanley" pose for pictures with the donkeys.

Julia tells me that they had a lot of fun at her birthday party.  Her friends were very supportive of her wishes and together collected a huge amount of items.  Julia and her family packed up the family van and made the journey from Burlington up to Tottenham to donate the items in person.  We were so glad that they did because it allowed us the chance to meet this wonderful and caring young girl.  I took Julia and her family around on a little tour of the farm to meet some of the animals and we had a great time.

Julia and her two younger sisters, Brooke and Amy, visited with all the animals and handed out treats.  The goats sure like those cookies! 

Julia tries to tell Reggie that he's had enough treats, I don't think he thinks so (Reggie can stand to lose a few pounds, maybe even more then a few!)

Julia handed out carrots and apples that she had received as gifts, Pixie the pony and her pasture mates love those goodies.  Reggie and the other goats kept trying to steal all the treats.

The Lowther Family, from left to right: Brooke, "Mom" Deb, Amy, "Dad" Stewart and "The Birthday Girl" Julia.

Julia's little sister Brooke said that she will be turning 7 in September and that she too will be doing the same as her big sister.  It takes a pretty special person to do what Julia has done, her giving spirit and kindness are truly inspiring.  With values and quailities like that I can only imagine that she will go on to accomplish wonderful things in her life and making the world a little better of a place.

Here are all the items that Julia collected from all her friends at her birthday skating party. WOW!!!!

Thank You to all of Julia's friends that purchased such perfect items from the carrots and apples to the cat food, blankets,gift cards and even a water bucket, everything was excellent!!

We had a great visit with the Lowther family today and we look forward to their next visit to the farm, perhaps we'll get the pony saddle out and take the girls for a ride.

Happy 8th Birthday Julia!

From,  Pixie & BJ and all of us here at Painted Rock Animal Sanctuary xoxoxoxox
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Sunday, January 24th 2010

5:19 PM

Three young ladies with big hearts help out Painted Rock Farm!

Today we had some more visitors at the farm, three young ladies, Emily Secord and sisters Julie and Leah Vlasic accompanied by Emily's mother Melissa and little brother Brian.  As well, Emily's Grandmother Noela Blease and her Sister Hazel Preece.

We first met Emily when she came out to visit the farm this past summer with her Grandmother.  Over her Christmas holidays Emily came up with the idea to make a list of items from our web-site's wish list and hand out copies of it throughout her neighbourhood.  Emily's two girlfriends, Julie and Leah decided they wanted to help out too and went door to door dropping off copies of our wish list and told the neighbours that they would return after Christmas and collect any items people had that they would like to donate. The girls managed to collect a number of items, all of which we need here at the farm and will go to good use.  Little brother Brian also donated $10.00 of his own allowance money that went towards additional items that they purchased for us.

All the items that Emily, Julie & Leah collected from their neighbours.  Ollie & Hamlet had to check out the new big red pillow bed.

The girls managed to collect blankets, towels, cat & dog food, cat treats & toys, food bowls, medical supplies, carrots & apples for the animals in the barn and Ollie and Hamlet's favourite, the big red pillow bed.

We took everyone around to visit with all the animals and to give them all some of the treats that the girls had collected.  I'm not sure who had a better time, the kids or the animals.  I know the animals were pretty excited about all the goodies they were getting.

Julie, Emily, Leah & little brother Brian hand out treats to the donkeys and goats.

Julie, Emily's little brother Brian, Leah & Emily hand out cookies to the goats.

Ollie and Maddie check out the new pillow bed, there's room for you too Mum.

Thanks again girls for everything you did for all the animals here at the farm (and you too Brian). It means a lot to us!

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Saturday, January 23rd 2010

11:05 AM

Farm Friends, Helping Out

This weekend we have had some farm friends come visit the farm and we would like to thank them all for making a difference.

Meet the Roulston Family, we first met the family back in late September when they contacted us about Olivia aka "Ollie" the pig.  They have come out to the farm to visit Ollie on several occasions and back in November Rita "the Mom" came up with an idea to help raise some money for the farm.  She had designed several sock creatures for her own children and thought that her and the kids would be able to help the farm out by creating and selling these cute and crazy sock creatures prior to Christmas.

Rita designed and made each of the creatures herself and the kids sold them at their school to friends and Teachers.  All their hard work and efforts paid off because they managed to raise in excess of $100.00. 

The Roulston Family, from left to right; Ian, Carson, Shiloh, Chelsea, Quincey and Rita.

In addition to all the fund raising that the Roulston's have done, they also sponsor Ollie the pig and donate money each month to cover her food expenses for which we are greatful.  The kids, along with Mom & Dad enjoy coming to the farm to visit with Ollie as well as the other animals here in our care.

The "Sock Monsters" that Rita Roulston designed and created.  These kooky and quirky characters are truly one of a kind.  Rita has a real talent as well as a wonderful imagination.

We would also like to thank all the people that purchased the sock creatures, they include; Ms. Stum, Mrs. Walsh, Geoffry, Tyler, Tania, Emily, Cassidy, Tristan, Bailey, Lauren A. and Lauren R..  Thank You to each of you.

Well, after the Roulston's visit with Ollie and Hamlet too, the two little pigs were tuckered out and it was time for a nap.

Thanks Again to the Roulston Family for all their support!
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Wednesday, December 23rd 2009

10:20 PM

Painted Rock's "Friends of Animals"

We have had the pleasure to meet a wonderful group of ladies that have formed the group "Friends of Animals".  These wonderful woman have been busy the last two months, planning and baking, selling and raising awareness for our farm.

I am excited about the new friendships I am forming with such wonderful, kind hearted ladies.  Members include Bette Stokes, Noela Blease, Barb Gorry, Marilyn Anderson, Melaine Taylor, Erika Baines,  Jane Chalmers, Olive Cripps, Dorothy Herman and her sister Marilyn Warriner, Margo Hunter, Barbara Jean James, Gabriele Nichols, Greta Onstad, Kate Pemberton, Rita Pemberton, Roberta Ruffolo and Audrey Thomas.

Audrey Thomas was one of the star performers selling our Painted Rock Animal Calendars, 14 in total.  A special thanks goes out to Audrey's Husband Ken who did most of the printing for "The Friends of Animals" which included brochures and bake sale flyers.
Kate Pemberton designed the wonderful bake sale flyers. 
Rita Pemberton was one of the members that went all out in selling raffle tickets, her efforts managed to raise $237.00 in ticket sales on a wonderful gift basket she had made up and valued at over $100.00.  Greta Onstad generously had all the community reminder notices printed for the bake sale.  Bette Stokes designed all the signs that were posted to direct people to the bake sale and her wonderful Husband Al constructed all the sign stands that held the bake sale signs.
There efforts managed to raise an incredible $2200.00  as well as a months worth of cat & dog food.

Thank You so much Ladies for all your hard work and kindness.  Having you all as a member of the Painted Rock Family and joining us on our journey means a great deal to not only Barry & I, but all the animals here at the farm too.

After the bake sale and raffle was over, member Bette Stokes was out and about town speaking with local businesses to raise awareness for our farm and asking for donations of items that are much needed here at the farm.  Several businesses were kind enough to make donations.  We would like to thank the following for their generousity:

Tottenham Feed Services & Steve and Carol
Tottenham Home Hardware & staff
Tottenham Pet valu & Jurgen Eichler
Tottenham Subway & staff
Tottenham Fields & all the girls
Schomberg Veterenary Services
Schomberg Farm & Garden Supplies & Chris Crocombe
Bernardi Garden Supply Inc. & Joseph Bernardi
Newmarket Global Pet Foods & Domenic Campitelli

We thank you for your support!

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Tuesday, December 22nd 2009

11:01 PM

Michaela visits Painted Rock Animal Santuary

Michaela is up from the States, visiting in Canada for the holidays.  She has family here that she is is pending part of her holidays with and wanted to come up and visit with some of the animals here in our care.

Michaela and Heather meet the new ponies, Smokey and Toffy.

Michaela sharing treats with Marisol. "No Bullet, you've had enough cookies"!

All together now, group Picture!

Hopefully Michaela will be back to visit us again on her next visit to Canada.  We'd love to see her again!

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Wednesday, November 18th 2009

8:13 AM

Wiggles the pig is growing like a weed!

Our girl Wiggles has been doing really well, it seems like each morning when I go out to the stable she has grown more overnight. 

Bullet the pig has finally started to accept Wiggles, they are not best friends yet but he has stopped nipping and growling at her.

She still thinks that it's all about her and I don't see that changing.  We love Wiggles, she is demanding and very vocal when she doesn't get her way but she makes us laugh everyday and I thinks that is what we love about her the most.
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Friday, November 13th 2009

8:08 AM

Nap Time

Shortman the cat, Ollie the pig and Barry the Dad, all take a nap together after a long day at work.

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Tuesday, November 10th 2009

6:57 AM

Hello "Hamlet", the newest member to join Painted Rock Animal Sanctuary

Meet Hamlet.  Hamlet came to us from the Newmarket SPCA.  He had originally been left at the doors of the SPCA where they took him in and were able to find a home for him.  Only weeks after he had been adopted the SPCA received a call from his owners asking them to take him back for his own safety.  He had been attacked by their female dog that was protecting her litter of pups.  In the attack Hamlet lost most of his tail and left with a couple of punture marks on his back side.

He is a real sweetheart, he loves to chase Ollie around the house and launch himself on and off the furniture.  He has a bad habit of rubbing his strong little snout into our ankle and calves and doing it until it hurts and even leaves bruises.  We are working on correcting that behaviour but now he just goes around the house pushing things over with his nose.

We had him house trained in one day and he loves going outside each day to play.  Because it's starting to get colder we bought him a little winter jacket so he can still go out and run around.

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Saturday, October 17th 2009

10:14 PM

Painted Rock Animal Sanctuary Welcomes Smitty the Pig

Smitty came to join the Painted Rock family after animal activist Lynne Smith saved this precious little pig from a horrible life in a research testing lab.  His origional owner had abandoned him when they moved to another province.  The next door neighbour found that he had been left behind and placed an ad for a "free pig" on the internet.  A research lab interested in "free animals" (to be used for testing) answered her ad and the little pig was headed for a terrible destination until Lynne found out about his story and intervened.  She took possession of the little guy and cared for him in her apartment until such time she could get in contact with us.

Lynne, her daughter Alice and her son in-law have gone above and beyond in helping this little guy.  Once we made arrangements to have Smitty brought up to the farm, Lynne and her son in-law snuggled him up in a blanket and made the two hour journey to our farm.

It took no time at all for him to settle in here.  Because pigs will often fight with eachother and with limited space in the stable, Smitty lives in the house with us.  Last year my husband and I began to convert the granny flat that is attached to our house, into kennel suites for the animals.  Smitty has his own 6x7 room as well as a larged fenced area where he spends his days out side (at least until the snow falls).

Smitty is the only pig I have ever seen that likes to be picked up and doesn't squeal when you do.  He has such a gentle and quiet personality and he is the sweetest little thing.

We named him "Smitty" after Lynne and Alice Smith, the two ladies that saved him from a horrible life of pain and suffering.  Every time I call his name I am reminded what a wonderful thing those ladies did for him.

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Saturday, October 10th 2009

8:18 PM

Another member joins Painted Rock Animal Sanctuary's Family

Meet Olivia, Aka "Ollie".  Ollie is a six month old pygmy pot belly that came to live at our farm after her previous owner contacted us concerned about Ollie's safety.  They had a large dog that was very jealous of Ollie and became resentful of her joining "her" family.  As well, the next door neighbour also had two large dogs that desperately wanted to have pork for dinner too.  Ollie's previous owners contacted the SPCA and asked if they would be able to help her and they referred her to us.

Ollie lives in the house with us and enjoys spending her days lounging on the furniture and sniffing the floor in hopes of finding crumbs to eat.  She likes to park herself under the table where the cats eat in hopes that the odd kibble may fall down.  The day she figured out how to open the pantry door with her nose was the day we had to move all the cat & dog food to the back room, as well as move all the edibles up from the bottom shelves.

She is a smart little girl, she is litter trained and at first we were giving her treats when she would use the litter box but then each time she wanted a treat she would run into her litter and stand there for 10 seconds and then run over to us for a treat, what a little trickster.

The other day she knocked over a pail of dog kibble and pulled the lid off, my Husband Barry caught her in the act and scold her, she ran into her little soft crate because she knew she had been bad.  I came into the room and asked Barry what she had done and as we were talking about her and what she had done we were watching her and she was pretending to be asleep.  We knew she was faking and when we stopped talking for a minute she peeked one of her eyes open, we said her name again and she quickly closed her eye and pretended to be sleeping again.  This went on for about five minutes and what a laugh she gave us, little bugger!

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