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Wednesday, November 18th 2009

8:13 AM

Wiggles the pig is growing like a weed!

Our girl Wiggles has been doing really well, it seems like each morning when I go out to the stable she has grown more overnight. 

Bullet the pig has finally started to accept Wiggles, they are not best friends yet but he has stopped nipping and growling at her.

She still thinks that it's all about her and I don't see that changing.  We love Wiggles, she is demanding and very vocal when she doesn't get her way but she makes us laugh everyday and I thinks that is what we love about her the most.
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Posted by Nora:

Wiggles is looking awesome. So glad she has ended up in such a good home where she can be happy and secure.
Looks like she is a very spoilt girl but she deserves no less. Keep up the good work.
Tuesday, January 5th 2010 @ 5:38 PM

Posted by LORI:

So happy to see Wiggles doing well. I live mere seconds from where she was scooped up off the highway and have followed her incredible journey ever since.
thank you so much for giving her a forever home.
Thank you also to Brian Bowes, wiggles knight in shining armor who cared enough to stop and help her when she needed it the most.. xo Brian- you are a hero in my eyes.
Wednesday, December 16th 2009 @ 12:28 PM